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Contact and Referral Information

The Neuroblastoma Advanced Therapies Center at Cincinnati Children’s accepts referrals from physicians and families.

Before setting up the first appointment, an experienced oncology nurse works with families and referring physicians to obtain a detailed medical history, test results and radiology reports. This allows us to plan the first appointment and ensure that all appropriate specialists are available to see the child that day. The nurse also works directly with the family to schedule appointments, follow-up on insurance pre-certifications with billing personnel and assist in making travel arrangements, if needed.

Consultation Services

Physicians at the Neuroblastoma Advanced Therapies Center can serve as a resource for other physicians by providing second opinions, consultations and guidance on the management of patients with neuroblastoma. For more information, contact the Physician Priority Link®, 1-888-636-7997 or 1-888-7997.

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