The Neuroblastoma Advanced Therapies Center at Cincinnati Children’s offers comprehensive, personalized treatment options, including:

For decades, Cincinnati Children’s has been at the forefront in developing new therapies for patients with advanced, relapsed and aggressive neuroblastoma. Cincinnati Children’s was one of the first hospitals in the country to perform blood and marrow transplants for these patients. Since then, we have performed over 225 such transplants for neuroblastoma. Our medical team also has developed new, effective, high-dose chemotherapies used in combination with blood and marrow transplant and drug therapy.

131I-MIBG Therapy

Cincinnati Children’s is leading development of 131I-MIBG targeted radiopharmaceutical therapy for newly diagnosed and relapsed neuroblastoma. MIBG, a substance that sticks to and is absorbed by neuroblastoma cells, is chemically joined to 131I, a radioactive form of iodine. When this combination is given to neuroblastoma patients, the radioactive molecules are absorbed by neuroblastoma cells, killing them without causing too much damage to healthy cells nearby. To ensure the safety of patients, families and staff during 131I-MIBG therapy, Cincinnati Children’s has built two specialized therapy suites shielded against radiation. Our MIBG suites allow for parents to safely stay in the room with their child while the child is receiving 131I-MIBG therapy.