Advanced technology alone does not guarantee surgical success. But in the hands of highly skilled and experienced neurosurgeons at Cincinnati Children’s, it can make all the difference for children with complex neurosurgical conditions.

Physicians at Cincinnati Children’s have dedicated years of research to the development of innovative, minimally invasive neurosurgery techniques and technologies. Our Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery Division provides resources for clinicians and researchers to work together toward the common goal of reducing the trauma of neurological surgery for the patient and the nervous system.

Neurosurgeons at Cincinnati Children’s use these minimally invasive techniques to treat a variety of conditions, including epilepsy, hydrocephalus, arachnoid cysts, brain tumors, craniosynostosis and spasticity, among others. And they are able to operate on deep-seated tumors and other lesions of the brain previously thought to be inoperable.

After surgery, patients may receive care in the pediatric intensive care unit at Cincinnati Children’s, which provides the latest technologies for monitoring and treating critically ill patients. These include portable bedside CT scanning, along with family-centered, team-oriented care coordinated by a critical care specialist working closely with our neurosurgeons.