Shared Governance

Shared Governance supports shared accountability and partnerships among the entire healthcare team in order to deliver exceptional patient care and family experience, improve quality of care and improve the engagement and experience of health care professionals.

The Shared Governance environment at Cincinnati Children’s is grounded in two fundamental premises. First, for the best decision-making to occur, those directly involved in that area of practice must be involved in decision-making about that practice. Secondly, the majority of decision-making about practice should be occurring at the point of care.

By actualizing these two premises, nurses and allied health professionals from all settings and roles are empowered to actively participate in all levels of organizational decision-making.

Our Voice

Shared Governance makes me a better nurse, gives me a broad picture, and allows me to have a voice in the organizational decisions that directly affect my practice.Jane Garry, BSN, RN II, CPN, RNC-CPN, FY14 Nursing Profession Coordinating Council Chair

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Interprofessional Practice Model (IPM)

View the IPM model in pdf format.

The Interprofessional Shared Governance model at Cincinnati Children’s is designed around the institution’s cornerstones of practice, education, and research. All levels of shared governance councils include direct care providers, managers, and other professionals with roles that are essential in contributing to informed decisions. The institution’s interprofessional shared governance council charter delineates the accountabilities for the shared decision making of the various councils.

Our History

Since 1989, Cincinnati Children’s has dedicated human and financial resources to support Shared Governance decision making. A hallmark of shared governance is our constant attention to ensuring that clinicians are involved in decision making at all levels of the organization that affect their practice.
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