The Perinatal Institute at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is best known for providing exceptional care for critically ill newborns and their families. But we also serve the community at large in many ways, by caring for healthy newborns, providing educational opportunities for healthcare professionals, and helping mothers and babies enjoy an optimal breastfeeding experience.

Caring for Healthy Newborns

Newborn Care Associates (NCA) is a group of more than 50 neonatologists and pediatricians in the Division of Neonatology at Cincinnati Children’s who provide 24-hour coverage at the Cincinnati area’s Level 1 nurseries (for healthy babies). Newborn Care Associates is the largest group of its kind in Ohio, caring for about 85 percent of healthy babies during their initial hospitalization after birth.

NCA’s nurse care coordinators support families after discharge and before the baby’s first appointment with a pediatrician. For instance, they contact parents with test results and connect them with specialists as requested by the NCA physician. This eases the transition from the hospital and ensures continuity of care.

Caring for Babies with Medical Needs

Neonatologists and pediatricians with Newborn Care Associates also care for babies admitted to the Cincinnati area’s Level II newborn intensive care units. These units are designed for newborns requiring extra medical attention after birth, providing them with the care they need, such as oxygen therapy and antibiotic therapy.

Babies with more serious problems, such as those born before 32 weeks’ gestation and those requiring surgery or extended time on the ventilator, are admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital, University of Cincinnati Medical Center or Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. They are staffed by Cincinnati Children's neonatologists, who are specially trained to take care of these babies’ needs.

The newborn intensive care units at Good Samaritan and UC Medical Center are rated as Level III; Cincinnati Children's is rated as Level IV,  the top designation for a NICU.

Providing Educational Opportunities for Healthcare Providers

The Perinatal Institute partners with local physicians to help lower infant mortality rates and ensure that newborns receive the best care possible. This involves hosting Neonatology Grand Rounds to discuss specific topics of interest, communicating with community physicians about issues such as safe car seat usage and helping local birthing hospitals continually improve their standard of care. After in-depth review of the available literature, our physicians also write and distribute position papers regarding topics of interest to pediatricians and family practitioners, from drug safety to disease prevention.