Pediatric Plastic Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

The Division of Plastic Surgery provides answers to the most frequently asked questions.
Yes, our staff will work with you to obtain a referral to assure that your child is seen promptly.
  • Yes, residents and fellows are doctors.
  • A resident is someone who has finished medical school and has completed at least a one- to two-year internship.
  • A fellow is someone who has completed a residency in plastic surgery and is specializing in pediatric plastic surgery. The fellowship program lasts for one year.

To make your child’s visit as convenient and expedient as possible,  bring the following information:

  1. Appointment information:
    • Physician’s name
    • Building name and location
  2. Family or referring physician’s information:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone number
  3. Medications your child is taking

  4. Medical history

    Brief history of your child’s condition or illness, including:

    • Type and timing of symptoms
    • Diagnosis
    • Treatment to date
  5. Medical imaging (if performed outside of Cincinnati Children’s)
    • CT scans (CAT scans)
    • MRIs
    • X-rays
    • Ultrasounds
    • Laboratory tests
  6. Insurance information
    • Policy number
    • Group number
    • *Any necessary referrals (check with your insurance company)
  7. Other items

    You may bring  anything that you think will make your child’s appointment more comfortable. Our Child Life specialists can also assist you with your child’s visit.

The length of the visit  will vary depending on the complexity of your child’s condition and the services he  may need. Allow yourself extra time  if your child needs to visit other members of our treatment team. We will spend as much time as needed with you and your child to provide the best care.

Also, if you see a family that arrived after you called into the exam room before your family, remember that there may be several providers in a session at any given time. The family that arrived after you may be seeing a different provider than you are seeing. Also, patients are seen by the time of their appointments and are not called in the order of when they arrive.
To cancel and reschedule appointments, contact us and our staff will work with you to find a time and location that is convenient for you and your child.
To request your child’s films (X-rays, CT scans,  MRIs), contact Pediatric Radiology and Medical Imaging.
Feel free to contact our staff if questions arise and we will work to answer your questions and if necessary refer you the appropriate individual  for help. You may also visit the Hospital Billing Department page to learn more. Our financial team will help you understand your bill and explain what you can expect during the billing process.
A surgery will be scheduled  based on the severity of the need  and the availability of your surgeon. Once the  paperwork is filled out, the surgical coordinator will arrange a date.
It is important for the physician to evaluate each patient on an individual basis to determine the most appropriate plan of care. If your physician determines that your child will need surgery, the surgical coordinator will arrange a date for your child.
The Family Resource Center staff is a group of concerned professionals who listen to your needs and offer comprehensive, up-to-date information about your child’s diagnosis or condition. We have several resources available to help you and your family, whether your child is a patient or not.