Patient and Family Resources

Patient and Family Resources

A chronic illness can change your child’s and family’s everyday life. It’s normal to be concerned and common to have many questions.

The information here is designed to help you with the day-to-day care of a child with a chronic illness. Follow the links to learn more about managing your child’s illness and about resources that can make living with a rheumatic disease easier for you, your child and your family. Much of this information is included in our Helping Hands Handbook.

At-Home Management

Explore ideas and information about caring for a child with a chronic disease.

School Communication

We have created a variety of resources to help you work with your child’s school to support the specific needs of your child.

Summer Camp

Camp Wekandu is a five-day summer residential camp for children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis and related conditions. Learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Related Resources

Check out these national and international resources for rheumatic diseases.

Glossary of Terms

Learn about the types of healthcare providers who may be a part of your healthcare team.

Ongoing Support Resources

When you have a child with special healthcare concerns, you face the constant challenge of finding information and resources. Our directory of Ongoing Support Resources can connect you to local, regional and national websites covering a wide variety of topics including special education supports, recreation, support groups and online communities, financial assistance, and transition to adulthood.

Clinical Trials

Rheumatology research studies are taking place now. Help us advance the possibilities of treatment. Learn More