At the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center at Cincinnati Children’s, our team uses sophisticated diagnostic tests and the most effective therapies available.  The testing and treatment options we offer include:

  • Careful monitoring and early interventions aimed at preventing pain and avoiding complications
  • Medication, including hydroxyurea. This new drug can help reduce the frequency of pain episodes and decrease the need for a transfusion.
  • Transfusion services, offered in partnership with Hoxworth Blood Center in Cincinnati, one of the nation’s premier blood centers
  • Novel transfusion methods and new medications to reduce iron overload and reduce the long-term risks of transfusions
  • Transcranial Doppler (a painless ultrasound) to help identify children who are at high risk for stroke. This allows us to take preventive measures.
  • High-quality, specialty lab tests that are not available everywhere. These tests are conducted at our own state-of-the-art laboratory, rather than at an outside testing facility.