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About the Voice Clinic

The Center for Pediatric Voice Disorders (Voice Clinic) consists of a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals who specialize in the evaluation and treatment of patients with voice disorders and airway issues.

The Voice Clinic is staffed by specialists from:

Team members from the Voice Clinic work together to assess the patient’s voice function. Acoustic, aerodynamic, and perceptual assessments are used to evaluate voice quality. Videostroscopic assessment is performed to evaluate the structure and function of the laryngeal mechanism. The Voice Clinic's speech-language pathologists communicate with the patient’s local speech-language pathologist in order to provide the appropriate therapeutic treatment.

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Center for Pediatric Voice Disorders

With a focus on diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the larynx (voice box), our team will work closely with patient, parents / caregivers to develop individualized care for your child. Read More