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Coordinated Care for Treacher Collins Syndrome

Treacher Collins patient, Ellia, pictured here. 

In the Treacher Collins Center at Cincinnati Children’s, we know the complexities involved with caring for children with Treacher Collins syndrome (TCS). Kids and teens with Treacher Collins can have varying expressions of the syndrome, and not all children have the same needs. Coordinated care is at the forefront of successfully treating TCS.

At our center, we look at your child’s full range of symptoms and work together − with other members of the care team and with you − to manage your child’s care. TCS presents with craniofacial characteristics such as breathing difficulties, swallowing, eating / feeding issues, vision and hearing loss, and more. Learn more about Treacher Collins, including causes, signs & symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and long-term outlook.

We aim to develop the most effective treatment plan possible, prioritizing aspects of your child’s care based on his or her individual needs.

How Our Treacher Collins Center Works

We want your child with Treacher Collins to be able to receive care in one place. This model eliminates the stress and frustration of scheduling care at multiple facilities, and allows us to provide the comprehensive care that is integral to the best possible outcomes for your child.

When you first contact us, you will speak with our Treacher Collins program coordinator, who will be your primary contact throughout all of your interactions with our center. The two of you will discuss your child’s previous care and arrange to have medical records forwarded to our center. When the necessary information has been gathered, our Treacher Collins care team meets to review your child’s case.

We then work with you to arrange a visit. During this visit, your child may be seen and examined by multiple care team members who have reviewed your child’s records and are familiar with the medical needs of children with Treacher Collins.

Results of these exams and any new testing are then relayed to you, your primary care provider and your child’s team of specialists at Cincinnati Children’s for further review and to develop a plan of action.

“We know our daughter is a complicated patient, but we also know her outcome and where she is today is due to an amazing team at Cincinnati Children’s.”

Parent of a child cared for at the Treacher Collins Center


Contact Us

For more information, or to make an appointment or referral, please contact the Treacher Collins Center at or 513-803-0069.

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Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Treacher Collins Center
3333 Burnet Avenue, MLC 2020
Cincinnati, OH 45229-3039

The Treacher Collins Center is located on the Cincinnati Children’s Burnet Campus on the third floor of Location D (D3.100).

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