This year, Cincinnati Children’s contributed $423 million in benefit to the community. Over the last five years, the total is more than $2 billion. These are really big numbers, but they don’t tell the whole story.

Beyond the dollar value is the important story of people whose lives are improved by the services these dollars provide.

In this year’s community benefit report, you’ll meet Jace, an infant whose early health and development is being nurtured by an innovative program at our Hopple Street Neighborhood Health Center. You’ll also meet Corey, who can be more active in sports today, thanks to a telemedicine project at his school linking students who have asthma with specialists at Cincinnati Children’s. You’ll see preschoolers and high school students benefiting from our educational outreach programs. And you’ll learn about a research project in collaboration with area high schools, which promises to give school psychologists a new, cutting-edge tool to improve their ability to recognize and help students who are at risk for suicide.

As we work to ensure the health and quality of life for our community’s children, we are guided by a fundamental belief that ‘we are all caregivers and making children well is everyone’s business.’ We are grateful to our employees and volunteers, who embrace this philosophy, to the families who partner with us in their child’s care, and to the many community and non-profit organizations that work with us to make a difference in children’s lives.

We are changing the outcome together.