Armand H. Antommaria, MD, PhD, FAAP

Director, Ethics Center

Lee Ault Carter Chair of Pediatric Ethics

Attending Physician, Division of Hospital Medicine

Academic Affiliations

Associate Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

Phone 513-636-3656


Bioethics; pediatric hospital medicine

Dr. Antommaria received his MD from Washington University School of Medicine and his PhD (religious ethics) from the University of Chicago Divinity School in 2000. He completed his pediatric residency at the University of Utah School of Medicine in 2003 and joined its newly established Division of Pediatric Inpatient Medicine. He moved to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in 2012 to become the director of its Ethics Center and the Lee Ault Carter Chair in Pediatric Ethics.

Dr. Antommaria has extensive experience as a clinical ethicist. He has chaired hospital ethics committees and directed clinical ethics consultation services. His research focuses on issues related to his clinical and administrative work such as donation after circulatory death and ventilator triage. 

Dr. Antommaria is active in professional organizations including having completed a term on the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Committee on Bioethics and serving on the American Society of Bioethics and Humanities’ Clinical Ethics Consultation Affairs Committee.

Dr. Antommaria is also an experienced hospitalist. He cares for both previously healthy children and children with complex chronic conditions who require hospitalization.

MD: Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO, 2000.

PhD: Religious Ethics, University of Chicago Divinity School, Chicago, IL, 2000.

Residency: Pediatrics, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, 2003.

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