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Amy F. Bailes, PT, PhD

  • Physical Therapist III, Division of Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy
  • Associate Professor, UC Department of Allied Health



Amy F. Bailes, PT, PhD, PCS, is a clinician researcher in the Division of Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. She has 30+ years of pediatric experience and has been recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association as a pediatric clinical specialist since 1993. She is on the leadership team of the Cerebral Palsy Research Network, which is a multi-center, multi-discipline collaboration among patients, families, and clinicians to foster high quality, high impact clinical research and quality improvement for treatments in CP.

BS: Physical Therapy, Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN, 1985.

MS: Pediatric Physical Therapy Science, Boston University, Boston, MA, 1990.

PhD: Clinical Epidemiology, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, 2014.

Specialist Certification: American Physical Therapy Association, Pediatric Clinical Specialist, 1993 to present.


Developmental disabilities; cerebral palsy

Services and Specialties

Cerebral Palsy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy


Cerebral palsy; dosing; service utilization

Research Areas

Reproductive Sciences

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