Philippe F. Backeljauw, MD

Fellowship Program Director, Division of Endocrinology

Clinical Director, Cincinnati Growth Center

Director, Turner Syndrome Center of Cincinnati

Academic Affiliations

Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

Phone 513-636-8444

Fax 513-636-7486



Pediatric endocrinology; growth disorders; Turner syndrome


Growth disorders; Turner syndrome 

Dr. Backeljauw's research has focused on clinical trials evaluating the efficacy and safety of recombinant human IGF-I in patients with growth hormone insensitivity syndrome. These studies have led to the USFDA approval of IGF-I as a treatment for growth failure associated with primary IGF-I deficiency. The studies ended in 2012, and results have been published. He has also been involved in other multicenter studies of IGF-I therapy or combined growth hormone plus IGF-I therapy for idiopathic short stature. In collaboration with Dr. Meilan Rutter, they recently finished a comprehensive study looking at the efficacy and safety of IGF-I therapy in patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Another area of research for Dr. Backeljauw, during the last five years, is related to activities in the Turner Syndrome Center. We now have conducted several clinical research projects evaluating the cardiovascular pathology, hypertension, attention deficit disorder status, gonadectomy surgery outcomes, and, in particular, vasculopathy prevalence in our large cohort of patients with Turner syndrome.

MD: University of Ghent, Belgium.

Residency: Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Foundation Children's Hospital, Cleveland, OH.

Fellowship: Pediatric Endocrinology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC.

Certification: Pediatrics, 1992; recertified, 1999, 2007; Pediatric Endocrinology, 1995; recertified, 2003, 2013.

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