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Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


"Every day, I help children, adolescents and their families discover new ways of coping and interacting with chronic pain so that pain no longer is the central focus of their lives."

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I am a pediatric psychologist who helps children and adolescents diagnosed with chronic pain, including headache, abdominal pain and musculoskeletal pain. I also work with children and adolescents whose chronic pain impacts their ability to eat normally, resulting in disrupted eating patterns, poor nutrition, weight loss, and sometimes, eating disorders.

I work in the Functional Independence Restoration Program (FIRST), which is an interdisciplinary inpatient rehabilitation program for children whose chronic pain is preventing them from living the life they want to live. I also see patients in the Outpatient Behavioral Pain Management Service and multidisciplinary Headache Center.

Every day, I help children, adolescents and their families discover new ways of coping and interacting with chronic pain so that pain no longer is the central focus of their lives. I help kids who have not played soccer for months due to pain return to the field, and others who cannot get out of bed return to school. I enjoy getting to know my patients as unique individuals and tailoring care to fit their specific needs.

In addition to my practice, I am involved in research investigating the treatment and long-term outcomes of pediatric chronic pain. My specific agenda focuses on identifying variables that impact the trajectory of change after intensive interdisciplinary pain treatment and exploring ways in which we can better support parents of children and adolescents with chronic pain. I am also interested in examining the impact of disordered eating on outcomes among pediatric patients with chronic pain.

In my spare time, I enjoy running with my chocolate lab, Finley, who would rather be smelling every blade of grass than running for running sake. I also enjoy camping, hiking and horseback riding in the mountains of Utah. I love creative endeavors including making specialty cakes, painting, sewing and getting inspiration from Pinterest.

Academic Affiliation

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

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Behavioral Medicine, Pain Management

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Clinical Psychology

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