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Pediatric Surgeon, Division of Pediatric General and Thoracic Surgery

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Surgery


Board Certified

My Biography & Research

Clinical Interests

Pediatric surgery; trauma services

Academic Affiliation

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Surgery

Clinical Divisions

Trauma Services, Surgery - General and Thoracic, Colorectal Center, Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Research Divisions

James M Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence

My Locations

My Education

MD: Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA.

Residency: University of Washington, Seattle, WA.

My Publications

Selected Publication

Perioperative mortality rates in low-income and middle-income countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Ng-Kamstra, JS; Arya, S; Greenberg, SL M; Kotagal, M; Arsenault, C; Ljungman, D; Yorlets, RR; Agarwal, A; Frankfurter, C; Nikouline, A; et al. BMJ Global Health. 2018; 3.

Thoracoscopic posterior tracheopexy for tracheomalacia: A minimally invasive technique. Polites, SF; Kotagal, M; Wilcox, LJ; de Alarcon, A; Benscoter, DT; von Allmen, D. Journal of Pediatric Surgery. 2018; 53:2357-2360.

Management of Pediatric Intestinal Failure. Wessel, J; Kotagal, M; Helmrath, MA. Advances in Pediatrics. 2017; 64:253-267.

Ketorolac Use and Postoperative Complications in Gastrointestinal Surgery. Kotagal, M; Hakkarainen, TW; Simianu, VV; Beck, SJ; Alfonso-Cristancho, R; Flum, DR. Annals of Surgery. 2016; 263:71-75.

Global access to surgical care: a modelling study. Alkire, BC; Raykar, NP; Shrime, MG; Weiser, TG; Bickler, SW; Rose, JA; Nutt, CT; Greenberg, SL M; Kotagal, M; Riesel, JN; et al. The Lancet Global Health. 2015; 3:e316-e323.

Improving ultrasound quality to reduce computed tomography use in pediatric appendicitis: the Safe and Sound campaign. Kotagal, M; Richards, MK; Chapman, T; Finch, L; McCann, B; Ormazabal, A; Rush, RJ; Goldin, AB. American Journal of Surgery. 2015; 209:896-900.

Use and definitions of perioperative mortality rates in low-income and middle-income countries: a systematic review. Ng-Kamstra, JS; Greenberg, SL M; Kotagal, M; Palmqvist, CL; Lai, FY X; Bollam, R; Meara, JG; Gruen, RL. The Lancet. 2015; 385 Suppl 2.

Surgical delivery in under-resourced settings: building systems and capacity around the corner and far away. Kotagal, M; Horvath, K. JAMA Surgery. 2015; 150:100-102.

Perioperative hyperglycemia and risk of adverse events among patients with and without diabetes. Kotagal, M; Symons, RG; Hirsch, IB; Umpierrez, GE; Dellinger, EP; Farrokhi, ET; Flum, DR. Annals of Surgery. 2015; 261:97-103.

Limited impact on health and access to care for 19- to 25-year-olds following the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Kotagal, M; Carle, AC; Kessler, LG; Flum, DR. JAMA Pediatrics. 2014; 168:1023-1029.