A photo of Daniel Leino.

Daniel G. Leino, MD, MPH

  • Staff Pathologist, Division of Pathology
  • Director, Pediatric Pathology Fellowship Program
  • Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine



Ingested Foreign Bodies Can Cause Appendicitis and Perforation: A Multi-Institutional Case Series. Fuller, MY; Leino, DG; Reyes-Múgica, M; Kovach, AE; Velázquez Vega, JE; Caltharp, S; Bhatti, T; Gonzalez, RS. Pediatric and Developmental Pathology. 2022; 25:499-503.

Lethal Pediatric Cerebral Vasculitis Triggered by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2. Poisson, KE; Zygmunt, A; Leino, D; Fuller, CE; Jones, BV; Haslam, D; Staat, MA; Clay, G; Ting, TV; Wesselkamper, K; et al. Pediatric Neurology. 2022; 127:1-5.

ALK-positive histiocytosis: a new clinicopathologic spectrum highlighting neurologic involvement and responses to ALK inhibition. Kemps, PG; Picarsic, J; Durham, BH; Hélias-Rodzewicz, Z; Hiemcke-Jiwa, L; van den Bos, C; van de Wetering, MD; van Noesel, CJ M; van Laar, JA M; Verdijk, RM; et al. Blood. 2022; 139:256-280.

Immuno-transcriptomic profiling of extracranial pediatric solid malignancies. Brohl, AS; Sindiri, S; Wei, JS; Milewski, D; Chou, HC; Song, YK; Wen, X; Kumar, J; Reardon, HV; Mudunuri, US; et al. Cell Reports. 2021; 37.

Neonatal Lung Disease Associated with TBX4 Mutations. Suhrie, K; Pajor, NM; Ahlfeld, SK; Dawson, DB; Dufendach, KR; Kitzmiller, JA; Leino, D; Lombardo, RC; Smolarek, TA; Rathbun, PA; et al. Journal of Pediatrics. 2019; 206:286-292.e1.

Collagen COL22A1 maintains vascular stability and mutations in COL22A1 are potentially associated with intracranial aneurysms. Ton, QV; Leino, D; Mowery, SA; Bredemeier, NO; Lafontant, PJ; Lubert, A; Gurung, S; Farlow, JL; Foroud, TM; Broderick, J; et al. DMM Disease Models and Mechanisms. 2018; 11.

Case 2: Refractory Respiratory Failure and Pneumothorax in a Full-Term Newborn. Reed, BD; Arya, S; Dufendach, KR; Leino, D. NeoReviews. 2018; 19:e109-e111.

Severe cytokine release syndrome in a patient receiving PD-1-directed therapy. Rotz, SJ; Leino, D; Szabo, S; Mangino, JL; Turpin, BK; Pressey, JG. Pediatric Blood and Cancer. 2017; 64.

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