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Staff Psychologist II, Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology


About Me


As a pediatric psychologist, I provide consultation and liaison services for inpatient medical units across the hospital. I specialize in patient and family coping and adjustment to medical conditions as well as neurorehabilitation. Conditions I treat include psychogenic nonepileptic spells (PNES), functional neurological disorders, somatic symptom disorders, habit and movement disorders, and pain.

I wanted to care for people from a very young age – particularly children. I found that I was able to connect well with children and their caregivers such that they would trust me and allow me into their worlds. The area of pediatric psychology allowed me to combine my interest in science and physiology with my passion for helping people who struggle with emotional symptoms and stressors.

I believe in the importance of the mind-body connection and am very much opposed to separating physical health from mental health. In my practice, I try to approach each patient as a unique individual as we explore aspects of health and wellness. I partner with my patients to help them learn techniques to minimize their symptoms and bolster their sense of control in situations and experiences that challenge them.

The vast majority of my work is done on the inpatient medical floors, which means I see patients when they are admitted for illness or procedures. The only outpatient work I do is a consultation clinic for patients with a new diagnosis of PNES.

I am often asked to provide presentations and training to medical trainees, and I really enjoy sharing my areas of expertise and helping future physicians explore and understand the mind-body connection.

In my spare time, I love traveling with my family. I have a sister who lives in Europe, and we enjoy visiting her and taking in historic sites all around Europe. I also love to bake, especially alongside my son.

Clinical Interests

Inpatient consultation/liaison specializing in neurological and gastrointestinal disorders, coping, and pain management; cognitive behavioral intervention for tics (CBIT)

Clinical Divisions

Behavioral Medicine

My Locations

My Education

PsyD: University of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN.

MA: University of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN.

MS: Indiana University, IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN.

Residency: Psychology Consortium, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO.

Fellowship: Health Sciences Center, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK.