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Director, Gastroenterology Center of Excellence

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics



Board Certified

My Biography & Research


I knew early on that I was interested in pediatrics and working with children and their families. Gastroenterology drew me in because of its breadth of diagnoses and the body systems involved. The gastroenterology attending I worked with during my intern year of residency solidified my decision.

My general pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition practice focuses on conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease and the gastrointestinal (GI) manifestations of cystic fibrosis, including cystic fibrosis liver disease. I also treat patients with Fontan-associated liver disease and intestinal polyposis syndromes including familial adenomatous polyposis.

I strive to help families and patients manage their health through education, while we navigate the investigation and treatment options that will provide the best possible outcome. My patients’ and families’ concerns are my concerns.

In association with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, my research focuses on the pathophysiology of liver disease that is associated with other chronic conditions, such as cystic fibrosis or congenital heart disease.

In my free time, I enjoy woodworking and coaching my children in soccer and baseball.

Clinical Interests

Pancreatic disorders; cystic fibrosis related GI and liver disorders; intestinal polyposis syndromes; general gastroenterology

Research Interests

Acute, recurrent and chronic pancreatitis; cystic fibrosis related liver disease

Academic Affiliation

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

Clinical Divisions

Gastroenterology GI, Fontan Management

Research Divisions


My Locations

My Education

MD: University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, 1997.

PhD: University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, 1997.

Residency: Pediatrics, St. Louis Children’s Hopsital and Washington University, St. Louis, MO.

Fellowship: Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, Washington University, St. Louis, MO.

Certification: Pediatric Gastroenterology, 2001.

My Publications

Lymphopenia in adults after the Fontan operation: Prevalence and associations. Alsaied, T; Possner, M; Brown, N; Almeneisi, H; Szugye, C; Trout, AT; Niss, O; Palermo, JJ; Zafar, F; Dillman, JR; et al. Cardiology in the Young. 2020; 30:641-648.

Heterogeneous Liver on Research Ultrasound Identifies Children with Cystic Fibrosis at High Risk of Advanced Liver Disease: Interim Results of a Prospective Observational Case-Controlled Study. Siegel, MJ; Freeman, AJ; Ye, W; Palermo, JJ; Molleston, JP; Paranjape, SM; Stoll, J; Leung, DH; Masand, P; Karmazyn, B; et al. The Journal of Pediatrics. 2020; 219:62-69.e4.

Thromboembolic Events Are Independently Associated with Liver Stiffness in Patients with Fontan Circulation. Alsaied, T; Possner, M; Lubert, AM; Trout, AT; Gandhi, JP; Garr, B; Palumbo, JS; Palermo, JJ; Lorts, A; Veldtman, GR; et al. Journal of Clinical Medicine. 2020; 9:418-418.

Cystic fibrosis liver disease. Chung, D; Palermo, JJ; Towbin, R; Towbin, AJ. Applied Radiology: the journal of practical medical imaging and management. 2020; 49:44-46.

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Relation of Magnetic Resonance Elastography to Fontan Failure and Portal Hypertension. Alsaied, T; Possner, M; Lubert, AM; Trout, AT; Szugye, C; Palermo, JJ; Lorts, A; Goldstein, BH; Veldtman, GR; Anwar, N; et al. American Journal of Cardiology. 2019; 124:1454-1459.

Pancreas Divisum in Pediatric Acute Recurrent and Chronic Pancreatitis Report From INSPPIRE. Lin, TK; Abu-El-Haija, M; Nathan, JD; Palermo, JP; Barth, B; Bellin, M; Fishman, DS; Freedman, SD; Gariepy, CE; Giefer, MJ; et al. Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology. 2019; 53:e232-e238.

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Prevalence of abnormal glucose metabolism in pediatric acute, acute recurrent and chronic pancreatitis. Abu-El-Haija, M; Hornung, L; Denson, LA; Husami, A; Lin, TK; Matlock, K; Nathan, JD; Palermo, JJ; Thompson, T; Valencia, CA; et al. PLoS ONE. 2018; 13:e0204979-e0204979.

Impact of Obesity on Pediatric Acute Recurrent and Chronic Pancreatitis. Uc, A; Zimmerman, MB; Wilschanski, M; Werlin, SL; Troendle, D; Shah, U; Schwarzenberg, SJ; Rhee, S; Pohl, JF; Perito, ER; et al. Pancreas. 2018; 47:967-973.