A photo of Ann Schwentker.

Staff Surgeon, Division of Plastic Surgery

Associate Professor, UC Department of SurgeryUC Department of Pediatrics


Board Certified

"One of the best things about plastic surgery is that it’s uniquely tailored to the specific patient and family needs and concerns."

About Me


Plastic surgery is unique because we deal with form and function, and often create lifelong doctor-patient relationships. As a pediatric plastic surgeon, I specialize in reconstructing ears. Other procedures I do include reconstructing kids' limbs after cancer or trauma, breast surgery, and nerve reconstruction in limbs and faces. I also have expertise in cleft lip and cleft palate repair.

I come from a long line of medical providers. One of the best things about plastic surgery is that it’s uniquely tailored to the specific patient and family needs and concerns. I spend a lot of time getting to know patients and discussing options. I like pediatric plastic surgery because kids are fun to care for and their problems are interesting to solve.

In addition to plastic surgery, I’m also involved in research. My colleagues and I are looking for ways to get the best results in the operations I perform, including ear reconstruction, nerve reconstruction and hand surgery.

During my free time, I keep busy with my three children. I also have a large garden, too many pets, and I love to knit and crochet.

Additional Languages

German, Spanish

Clinical Interests

Brachial plexus reconstruction; facial nerve reconstruction; microtia (ear) reconstruction; cleft lip and palate; congenital hand surgery

Academic Affiliation

Associate Professor, UC Department of SurgeryUC Department of Pediatrics

Clinical Divisions

Brachial Plexus, Hand and Upper Extremity, Craniofacial Disorders, Treacher Collins, Chest Wall, Sturge-Weber Syndrome

My Locations

My Education

MD: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 1996.

Residency: Plastic Surgery, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.

Fellowship: Paediatric Plastic Surgery, Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto, Canada.

Certification: Plastic Surgery, 2006.

My Publications

Acute Flaccid Myelitis: A Multidisciplinary Protocol to Optimize Diagnosis and Evaluation. Vawter-Lee, M; Peariso, K; Frey, M; Bolikal, P; Schaffzin, JK; Schwentker, A; O’Brien, WT; Zamor, R; Kerrey, BT. Journal of Child Neurology. 2021; 36:421-431.

Cautious Enthusiasm: The Role of Targeted Muscle Reinnervation and Regenerative Peripheral Nerve Interface in the Treatment of Nerve-Related Amputation Pain: Commentary on an article by Benjamin W. Hoyt, MD, et al.: "Practice Patterns and Pain Outcomes for Targeted Muscle Reinnervation. An Informed Approach to Targeted Muscle Reinnervation Use in the Acute Amputation Setting ". Schwentker, AR. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery - Series A. 2021; 103.

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