A photo of Aaron Zorn.

Perinatal Institute Endowed Research Chair

Director, Center for Stem Cell and Organoid Medicine (CuSTOM)
Associate Director, Division of Developmental Biology
Associate Director, Digestive Health Center

Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics



Biography & Affiliation


Aaron M. Zorn, PhD, leads the Zorn lab with the research goal to understand the embryonic development respiratory and digestive systems. We use a combination of animal models and human pluripotent stem cells to investigate the genetic pathways underlying organ formation. The research in this lab helps our understanding of congenital diseases and the ability to generate organoids - human organ tissue in a dish, for regenerative medicine.

Research Interests

Development of lung, liver, pancreas and gastrointestinal tract; vertebrate embryology

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Academic Affiliation

Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


Developmental Biology


BSc: University of Toronto, Canada.

PhD: University of Texas, Austin, Texas, 1995.

Postdoctoral: Wellcome Trust Cancer Research Campaign Institute, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England, 1996-1999.

Research Fellow: Wellcome Trust Gurdon Institute, Universtiy of Cambridge, Cambridge, England, 1999-2002.


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