With all of the arts, entertainment and nightlife attractions that Cincinnati has to offer, it might come as a surprise that the Queen City is one of the most affordable cities in the country. But our cost of living is actually much lower than many high-profile American cities.

Here are other cities with major research centers and what you would need to make to equal the purchasing power of a $50,000 salary in Cincinnati.

A $50,000 Cincinnati salary is equal to:

New York, NY $124,000
San Francisco, CA $97,500
Boston, MA $80,000
Providence, RI $66,500
Philadelphia, PA $63,500
Baltimore, MD $63,000
Minneapolis, MN $56,500
Cleveland, OH $55,000
Pittsburgh, PA $54,000
Austin, TX $52,500
Nashville, TN $52,500
Durham, NC $48,000

Figures based on cost-of-living calculations from PayScale as of May, 2018