We are seeking speech-language pathologists to work in our ever-expanding Division of Speech Pathology. You will work in one of the largest and best pediatric speech pathology programs in the nation, alongside highly trained specialists in all areas of the field. You will help achieve the best outcomes for each child we serve by focusing on individualized care.

Available Positions

The following positions are currently available:

  • Inpatient: To serve medically fragile infants and children, often with feeding disorders.
  • Inpatient and Residential Psych: To serve children of various ages with psychiatric disorders at our free-standing center.
  • Outpatient: To serve a variety of disorders and ages at our main campus and neighborhood locations. Specialization is allowed and encouraged.
  • Part-Time: To work late afternoons/early evenings or on Saturday mornings two or three days per week.
  • School-Hospital: To serve Cincinnati Public Schools full-time and Cincinnati Children’s part-time.
  • Home-Care: To serve medically fragile infants and children, many of whom have feeding, swallowing and airway issues.

Qualities We’re Seeking

We prefer candidates with at least 2 years of pediatric experience and must be eligible for licensure in the state of Ohio. We particularly look for candidates who are energetic, enthusiastic, willing to learn, and able to work effectively with others.

How to Apply or Learn More

To learn more, please visit the website for the Division of Speech Pathology.

To apply, please email a resume and a list of four references (including their email addresses) to Sherry Lanyi at sherry.lanyi@cchmc.org.