Administered by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center – Radiology Department

As a young African American woman, Jean Turner began her career at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the Department of Radiology in the 1960’s working under the direction of the Radiology Chair, Frederick N. Silverman, M.D. Her 40-year career began as a Radiology File Clerk and she retired as a member of the Radiology Reading Room staff. Jean developed a love for Radiology, but noticed a lack of minorities in the growing and advancing field of Radiological Technology. After discussing this disparity with Radiology managers and leaders at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, the Jean Turner Scholarship Award was established in 2009, to create opportunities for minorities in the field of Radiology and to honor her 40 years of service in the Radiology Department. Supporting minorities who are interested in entering the field of Radiology is one way the Department of Radiology furthers our mission of excellence in imaging.


The Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Department of Radiology wishes to promote the entrance of minorities into the field of Radiology. We support an increase in the diversity of Registered Radiologic Technologists in all medical imaging modalities-Radiography, CT, US, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, and Interventional Radiology.

Scholarship Award:

  • Maximum total scholarship payout is $10,000
  • $2500 per semester, up to $5000 per year, for a maximum of two years
  • Payment will not exceed total of tuition and fees paid for the semester
  • Payment will cover tuition and fees only
  • Recipient must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75 for each semester to be eligible for payment


  • Applicant must be a member of an under-represented ethnic group in the field of Radiology
  • Applicant’s home address or college enrolled in must be located in Ohio, Kentucky or Indiana
  • Applicant must be currently enrolled or accepted to an accredited Medical Imaging Technology program as a full or part-time student

Application Process:

  • Applicant may be a new or continuing student
  • Applicant must submit a complete application packet
  • Application packet requires an essay and 3 reference letters

Selection Process:

  • Scholarship student is selected for each academic year. Award may be for a one or two-year scholarship and depends on applicant’s grade level at the time of award.
  • The annual application deadline is July 1. Recipient selection announcements are made on August 15.
  • Evaluation of scholarship applicants is based on the contents of their application packet and successful completion of a small group interview.

Employment at Cincinnati Children's:

Employment in the Cincinnati Children's Department of Radiology after graduation is a goal and potential outcome of the program. Employment is not guaranteed. Employment opportunities are based on available job openings, candidate qualifications and the interview process.

Preparing an Application Packet for The Jean Turner Minority Scholarship for Medical Imaging Technology

Begin compiling your application early, all materials can be submitted via e-mail or by mail.

The Jean Turner Scholarship Committee will not consider incomplete or late applications. If any item is missing, the application will be considered incomplete and will be disqualified. Do not include additional materials unrelated to the application requirements (e.g., photographs).

  1. Application Form. Must be fully completed, signed, and dated. Please read the Certification section at the bottom of page 4 thoroughly. Without your signature and the date, your application will be disqualified.
  2. Transcripts(s). Photocopies are acceptable. Transcript printouts from the Web are only acceptable if they show the school’s name, the student’s name, the courses completed, and the grades awarded.
  3. Proof of enrollment or acceptance in a Medical Imaging Technologist’s program. Submit documentation from the registrar’s office that indicates proof of current enrollment. If your acceptance is pending when you submit your application, you must forward a copy of your acceptance letter to the committee to be eligible for consideration.
  4. Essay. Please see details on the application form.
  5. Three letters of recommendation. The letters should be from at least two different sources (e.g. school, community activity, work). Letters cannot be from relatives. Letters should be written on letterhead & signed. (If application is e-mailed to committee, letters must be in the form of a signed .pdf file). Letters must be current and dated no earlier than six months before date of submission of application.
  6. Resume. This document should summarize your education, work experience and extracurricular and community activities.