Diversity and Inclusion

As a leading pediatric institution, Cincinnati Children's serves patients and families from throughout the country and the world. At the same time, we are a vital resource to the health of our own community and region. Whether from down the street or across the world, understanding and preparing for the diverse needs of our patients and families is vital to their safe, effective care.

Cincinnati Children's values and regards diversity as an organizational asset, utilizing the strengths and benefits it brings to patients, families, visitors, employees, volunteers, our community and suppliers, to maximize our ability to achieve Cincinnati Children's mission.

Impacting Lives

Diversity-Related Programs

It can be all too easy to allow diverse experiences, perspectives, and skills to go unutilized. Creating opportunity to use and develop such diversity takes work and time. Cincinnati Children's offers a number of programs that help us build a path for the next generation of diverse healthcare professionals, as well as develop and harness the diversity of our current workforce.

Some programs include:

  • Cultural Competency Champions Program: a program that builds the skillset of our employees to deliver culturally competency care and foster a culturally responsive environment for staff.
  • Diverse Enrichment Program: an internship program for diverse recent graduates from a masters or above healthcare business-related degree; connecting our organization with the diverse healthcare leaders of tomorrow
  • Employee Resource Groups: employee groups focused on providing value in patient experience, employees' personal and professional growth, and community engagement
  • Mentoring Program: an organization-wide mentoring opportunity connecting employees at all levels with a focus on their professional development, cultural competency, and connections across differences.
  • Qualified Bilingual Staff Program: making use of employees' existing bilingual skills as an additional means to provide language access services to patients and families
  • Supplier Diversity: we are committed to fostering the development and advancement of businesses owned, managed and controlled by ethnic minorities and women
  • William K. Schubert Minority Nursing Scholarship: a scholarship program awarded annually with the goal of increasing the diversity in the field of nursing. Learn more.

Commitment to Diversity

"Cincinnati Children’s is determined to strengthen our environment for all patients, families, and employees, so that diverse views and backgrounds are welcomed and valued. We are better when we all work together in our pursuit of innovation and outstanding outcomes, experience, and value."
- Michael Fisher, CEO

Contact Us

To learn more about our work around diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence at Cincinnati Children's, contact diversity@cchmc.org.

For additional information on Supplier Diversity, contact Suresh Nirody, associate vice president, at 513-636-2240 or suresh.nirody@cchmc.org.