Clinical research and on-site research lab: In 2002, the department expanded both its basic science and clinical research programs through an “Invest in Excellence” grant from the Surgical Services Division at Cincinnati Children’s. Additions include an on-campus basic science research facility as well as dedicated research assistants for each attending. All full-time faculty members are available to preceptor clinical research projects for fellows.

Specific support for fellows focusing on outcomes and health services research projects is provided by Charles T. Mehlman, DO, MPH, director of musculoskeletal outcomes research, and the Department of Health Policy and Clinical Effectiveness.

Patient populations for fellows’ research projects may be identified via ICD-9 and CPT code-based computer searching, provided by the billing coordinator or other services provided by the Department of Medical Records. Studies requiring structured patient follow-up visits with concomitant data gathering may involve the NIH-supported General Clinical Research Center (GCRC), a dedicated patient research unit at Cincinnati Children’s.

The GCRC fosters the growth of medical research and good research skills of investigators. It provides all of the modern resources of clinical investigation, including biochemical studies, electron microscopy, molecular biology and genetics, and mass spectrometry. Additional resources are available at the Center for Clinical and Translational Science and Training (CCTST), established in 2005 to serve the support and educational needs of the entire clinical and translational research community of the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center.

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