To apply for the Child Life Internship at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, complete and return a completed application packet.

Application Deadlines -- Must be RECEIVED by:
Note these dates for Summer 2015 Internship: May 4, 2015 – August 21, 2015 

  • September 5 for Spring Semester
  • January 5 for Summer Semester
  • March 15 for Fall Semester


We eagerly await the opportunity to train highly motivated and qualified students and invite you to apply.

Download a Child Life Internship Manual and Application in portable document format (.pdf).

Please return completed application packet with the following included:Please return completed application packet with the following included:

  • $25 application fee, payable to Cincinnati Children's Child Life Internship
  • CLC Common Application Form
  • Effective January 1, 2015:
    Coursework Review from Child Life Council (No longer available since Nov. 2014)
    Official Transcripts and indication that one has applied for the Child Life Council Eligibility Assessment, followed by submission of completed Eligibility Assessment by Jan. 31, 2015
    Eligibility Assessment from Child Life Council
  • Effective May 5, 2015: Eligibility Assessment from Child Life Council
  • Effective January 1, 2013: Evidence of having successfully completed at least 1 class taught by a Certified Child Specialist (CCLS) that covers the six core topics identified as necessary by the Child Life Council.  This may be documented via transcript or signature of instructor who is a CCLS.  Download course requirement details.
  • Resume
  • Goals and Objectives for your Child Life Internship
  • Essay on The Purpose of Child Life
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • Official Transcripts (unless you are submitting Eligibility Assessment.) Copies of transcripts will be accepted in tandem with Eligibility Assessment.

Submit to:

Child Life Clinical Education Coordinator
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Division of Child Life, MLC 5003
3333 Burnet Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45229-3039