For those accepted into internship:


  1. Formal written case study to be presented to Child Life staff.
  2. Formal Research Review and Best Evidence Statement.
  3. Participation in staff led inservices on topics related to Child Life Competencies.
  4. Intern weekly in-services.
  5. Meet weekly with internship coordinator.
  6. Complete Child Life internship project to be decided with internship coordinator. It will be presented to Child Life staff.
  7. Weekly written assignments on topics that facilitate translation of theory to clinical practice.

Clinical Development With Inpatients and Outpatients

  1. Plan individual therapeutic interventions.
  2. Maintain a daily journal of experiences (i.e., interaction with a child -- what was successful, what you would do differently).
  3. Complete weekly Assessment, Planning, Intervention and Evaluation tool reflecting on work with patients and families.
  4. Develop skills: Plan and supervise Activity Center programs. Participate and share in supervision of volunteers.
  5. Observe and participate in patient education and procedural support and post-procedural play.
  6. Observe and participate in sibling support.
  7. Observe and participate in a multidisciplinary team approach.
  8. Observe and participate with patients in a camp setting. This will be a week long component during Summer internship, and will be a weekend event during Fall and Winter internship sessions.