Our residents are a diverse, hardworking group of physicians who came to Cincinnati from medical schools across the United States and internationally. Learn more about our current residents and where they went to medical school.

Current Resident Demographics

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Pediatric residency program demographics for 2018-2019.

Our residents pursue additional training and employment opportunities at highly desirable sites across the country. Learn more about where our most recent graduates ended up.

Summary statistics for the 2016-2020 graduating classes:

Residents have accepted positions in 24 states and the District of Columbia

1. Ohio
2. Kentucky
3. Texas
4. California
5. Other popular destinations included Colorado, Michigan, Tennessee & Massachusetts

Quotes from our Residents

“Cincinnati Children's is a great place to be a pediatric resident! I knew I wanted to learn how to take care of kids at a large center, which offers the full variety of patients - from healthy newborns to the most complex teens. My favorite part is easily the people. My co-residents have become like family, helping make the best moments out of some of the most stressful experiences. Our attendings, residency leadership and administration are never ending fountains of knowledge, while also being fun and supportive. Our patients and families always impress me with their resilience; I'm so grateful to be a small part in their story. Residents are actively involved in research, quality improvement, global health, medical education, and countless other areas outside of clinical experiences, rounding out our training. Cincinnati is also a great place to live and play outside of work! I wouldn't change my decision to choose Cincinnati Children's for my residency training for anything!” Amanda Wanous, MD - Categorical Resident Class of 2021

“I had the fortunate opportunity to rotate at Cincinnati Children’s as a medical student and was able to experience the incredibly warm, nurturing culture of the program firsthand before starting the application process. While I kept an open mind during application season and interviewed at other top tier programs, the choice to rank Cincinnati first was an easy one. The mentorship, friendship, and opportunity for personal development as a resident in this program are unrivaled. Since starting residency, my appreciation for the wonderful faculty, staff, and my co-residents has only grown. Residency has been both challenging and rewarding, and I could not be surrounded by a stronger support system here.” Katelyn Gordon, MD - Categorical Resident Class of 2022

"After going through a total of fifteen interviews across the country, my wife and I nervously ranked Cincinnati Children's as our top choice in our pediatrics-pediatrics couples match. Having been here for two years, we are so happy and thrilled with our choice! Like most of the top tier pediatric programs, Cincinnati Children's initially stood out to us for its incredible clinical exposure, renowned primary care clinics, cutting-edge research opportunities, and stellar reputation. But what separated Cincinnati Children's from our other favorite programs was the feeling of support for the residents. When we interviewed here, we really felt like the program took care of its residents. And since we matched here, that feeling has only grown exponentially. Our program directors, support staff, faculty, chiefs, and fellow residents have done such an amazing job helping us learn how to be residents, which has been so much more complex than I could have imagined. I doubt there exists a more engaging, fun, and challenging environment to learn how to be a pediatrician, though my opinion is likely biased. Lastly, my co-interns are the most amazing group of people I have ever worked with. As expected, they are an exceptional group of bright and dedicated doctors, but they are also just a ton of fun to hang out with after work." James Rudloff, MD – Pediatric Chief Resident Class of 2020