Pediatric Residency Program
Why Choose Cincinnati

Why Choose Cincinnati

Starting residency is a significant turning point in your career. The residents at Cincinnati Children’s are living proof that it is possible to have fun while working and learning about pediatrics. This is largely because of the truly unique camaraderie among residents, chiefs and program directors. You are more than just another resident on the schedule – you are part of our family.

The time you spend at Cincinnati Children’s will undoubtedly be some of the most rewarding years of your life. You will have the opportunity to work with attendings, fellows, nurses, and numerous members of the health care team who will all contribute to your education and professional development. Whether you choose to pursue a career as a pediatric subspecialist or a primary care physician, the training you receive at Cincinnati Children’s will prepare you for independent practice. The size of our residency program allows us to be accommodating and flexible with residents who experience life changes, want to travel abroad, and have children during their residency. Residents interact with their colleagues on clinical rotations, at daily conferences, and in the resident lounge.

Our residents truly are the voice of the program and their collective feedback is largely responsible for ongoing improvements and additions to the program. Furthermore, residency program leadership are available, approachable and committed to training pediatric leaders of the future.

Learn more about our efforts to improve wellness and the many benefits for residents at Cincinnati Children’s, as well as our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Quotes from our Residents

"We are so happy at Cincinnati Children’s. As a pediatrics couple, we’ve been amazed by how the program has gone out of its way to support us as residents and as partners. The size of the program and some incredible foresight from the Chief Residents has allowed us to have weekends and many nights scheduled together. During interview season we heard similar things from the many dual physician couples that had come before us at Cincinnati Children’s. Beyond being a great place for us as a couple, we feel that Cincinnati is also the best place for us as individuals, even though we’d never spent much time in the city before. We’ve found an incredible community here amongst our co-residents and their loved ones. We’d love to share our overwhelmingly positive experiences with anyone interested in Cincinnati Children’s.” Leland Dunwoodie, MD & Caroline Maguire, MD - Categorical Pediatrics Residents 

"I knew that I wanted to come to Cincinnati Children's for a couple of reasons. The first was that I quickly found out that there are endless opportunities here for clinical learning, research, mentorship, and more. Additionally, on my interview day, I got the sense that people here are truly "family" to each other. Everyone has been very supportive and encouraging." Sarah Reel, MD – Categorical Pediatric Resident