Our residents are the voice of the program

  • Residency Council - A committee composed of members from each class that meets monthly to discuss a multitude of issues including schedule, curriculum, planning social events and more. Many positive changes to the program were initially suggested and developed within Residency Council.
  • Town Hall Meetings - Quarterly meetings for each residency class attended by the program directors and chief residents.
  • Anonymous Evaluations - Residents are able to anonymously evaluate their attendings, co-residents, rotations and the overall program online. Residents also regularly review their feedback with the program directors.

When you are working in the hospital our residents enjoy the following benefits

  • Breakfast and hot lunch provided daily at conferences
  • Meal money provided for every overnight shift or call
  • Jeopardy system
  • The Pocket, a handbook of vital information for daily use
  • Private, centrally located and security-protected call rooms adjacent to the resident lounge with computers and telephones
  • Covered, protected parking with easy access to the hospital

Benefits and Activities for Residents

  • Annual educational allowance for books, medical journals, and professional memberships
  • Mentorship program with faculty mentors and peer mentoring groups
  • Social events including Tour de Cinci (a monthly rotation of local restaurants & bars)
  • Annual holiday party with clinical coverage for residents
  • Intramural sports teams
  • Resident spouse support group
  • Intern retreat
  • Intern end of year rafting trip

Intern Orientation

  • A ten-day introduction to the hospital and your new classmates
  • PALS and Neonatal Resuscitation training
  • An introduction to the city of Cincinnati with numerous social events for you and your family
  • The Pocket Senior, A Guide to Starting Residency sent to newly matched interns