Many of our residents engage in research during training, with experiences ranging from case reports to world-class projects with extramural funding. The academic strengths of our diverse faculty, the flexibility of our curriculum, and an incredibly supportive institutional environment provide ample opportunities to succeed in research during residency. With 6 months of elective time, residents can choose to schedule dedicated research elective months or may also apply for the Integrated Research Pathway or the Accelerated Research Pathway through the American Board of Pediatrics.

Record of Excellence

  • Number of posters/abstracts by residents in 2017-2018: 24
  • Pratt Symposium submissions in 2018: 44
  • Extramural awards: AAP CATCH grants, AAP Research Grants, Society for Pediatric Research awards

Opportunities for presenting your research

  • Pratt Symposium: Poster session and separate oral presentations at annual resident research day, 4 best oral presentations selected to be presented at institutional Grand Rounds at a later date
  • Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting
  • American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition
  • Subspecialty Society meetings

Resident-only research awards

Recent resident-led projects

  • Stephanie Davis, MD, MS – Society for Pediatric Research House Office Award, “Targeting Fibronectin Polymerization in Pathologic Kidney Injury and Fibrosis”
  • Erin Hickey, MD – Academic Pediatric Association Young Investigator Award, “Food as Medicine: Evaluating the impact of a pediatric primary care clinic-based food pantry on food insecure families”
  • Brianna Liberio, MD- “A Successful Resident –Driven Quality Improvement Project to Improve Transition to Enteral Antibiotics”

Recent resident publications

  • Grossmann L, Alonso PB, Nelson A, El-Bietar J, Myers KC, Lane A, Andersen H, Haslam D, Jodele S, Davies SM, Dandoy CE.
    “Multiple bloodstream infections in pediatric stem cell transplant recipients: A case series.” Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2018 Aug 9,
    [Epub ahead of print], PMID: 30094932
  • Tchou MJ, Tang Girdwood S, Wormser B, Poole M, Davis-Rodriguez S, Caldwell JT, Shannon L, Hagedorn PA, Biondi E, Simmons J, Anderson J, Brady PW. “Reducing Electrolyte Testing in Hospitalized Children by Using Quality Improvement Methods.” Pediatrics, 2018 May:141 (5), PMID: 29618583
  • Lazow MA, Real FJ, Ollberding NJ, Davis D, Cruse B, Klein MD. “Modernizing Training on Social Determinants of Health: A Virtual Neighborhood Tour is Noninferior to an in-Person Experience.” Acad Pediatr. 2018 Aug; 18(6): 702-722. PMID: 29684581