Research Opportunities During Residency

Many of our residents engage in research during training, with experiences ranging from case reports to mentored projects with extramural funding. The academic strengths of our diverse faculty, the flexibility of our curriculum, and an incredibly supportive institutional environment provide ample opportunities to succeed in research during residency. With 6 months of elective time, residents can choose to schedule dedicated research elective months or may also apply for the Integrated Research Pathway or the Accelerated Research Pathway through the American Board of Pediatrics.

Record of Excellence

  • Number of residents presenting posters/abstracts at national meetings 2020-21: 32
  • Number of publications involving residents during the academic year July 2020 to June 2021: 18
  • Pratt Resident Research Symposium submissions in 2021: 51
  • Three of the seven national awardees for the Pediatric Scientist Development Program in 2020 were recent residency graduates from Cincinnati Children's:
    • Nina Prasanphanich, MD, PhD—Infectious Diseases fellow
    • Andrew Cox, MD, PhD—Infectious Diseases fellow
    • Francis LeBlanc, MD, PhD—Hematology-Oncology fellow
  • American Academy of Pediatrics CATCH grants: 2
    • Erin McCann and Elizabeth Lendrum: Improving Immunization Rates in Underserved Neighborhoods. Mentors are Drs. Melissa Klein and Mary Carol Burkhardt
    • Scott Call and Tony Casillas: Utilizing digital screening questionnaires to generate automated community referrals. Mentor is Christine Burrows, MD
  • American Board of Pediatrics integrated research pathway residents: 2
    • Joshua Sheak, MD, PhD and Aanish Raees, MBBS
  • No current American Board of Pediatrics accelerated research pathway residents

Winners of RISE awards

  • Molly Ahye - NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation in Pediatric Crohn’s Disease anti-TNF Therapy Responders and Non-Responders
  • Lily Deng, MD - Utilizing human induced pluripotent stem cell derived β cells to explore islet dysfunction in a patient with a novel GLIS3 mutation and extra copy of TRMT10a
    Mentors - Mansa Krishnamurthy Assistant Professor, Division of Endocrinology and and James Wells, Professor Division of Endocrinology Cincinnati Children's
  • Julie Lander, MD, PhD - Oncologic risk with co-occurring HRAS and RB1 mutations
    Mentor: K. Nicole Weaver, MD Assistant Professor Division of Human Genetics
  • Katherine Melink- Utilization of Urinary Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin to Enhance Cardiac Renal Angina Index Prediction of Acute Kidney Injury and Related Adverse Outcomes.
    Mentors: Katja Gist in Cardiology and Natalja Stanski in Critical Care
  • Michelle Recto, MD - Factors Associated with Successful Outpatient Referral and Contraception Initiation after Adolescent Emergency Department Visits for Sexual Health
    Mentors: Jennifer Reed, MD, MS, Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Emergency Medicine & Tanya Mullins, MD, MS, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Adolescent and Transition Medicine

Winners of GROW awards

  • Daniela Elias Bullard , MD - Validation of palmar aquagenic wrinkling as an adjuvant for cystic fibrosis diagnosis and the creation of a CF registry in the Dominican Republic
    Mentors: Michelle Hjelm, MD- Division of Pulmonary Medicine Cincinnati Children's & Leandra Cordero Oñate, MD- Head of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Dominican Republic. Division of Pulmonary Medicine, HIRRC, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Kylie Mena, MD - Perception and Practices of Breastfeeding in Dominican Mothers in the Dominican Republic
    Mentors - Laura Ward, MD, IBCLC - Neonatologist and Associate Medical Director UC NICU, Division of Neonatology, Amy Rule, MD, MPH - Pediatric and Neonatal Hospitalist, Division of Neonatology and Division of Hospital Medicine, Rafael Mena, MD - Neonatologist and Pediatrician, Centro de Obstetricia y Ginecologia in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Javier Gonzalez del Rey, MD, MEd - Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician, Associate Chair for Education, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Chair Graduate Medical Education, Division of Emergency Medicine, DIO and Co-Director, Cincinnati Children's Pediatric Education Center

Recent Resident Research projects

  • Allison Celello, MD - Development of an Accurate, Cost-Effective Lyophilized Hemoglobin Control for Hemoglobinopathy Screening in Low-Resource Settings
  • Aanish Raees, MBBS - Ex-vivo Hemodynamic Assessment of Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene Tri-Leaflet Pulmonary Valves
  • Julia Ronecker, DO - Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Restraint and Seclusion Usage Within a Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital
  • Joshua Sheak, MD, PhD - Cryopreservation of Precision Cut Lung Slices from Fetal Rhesus Macaque Preserves Lung Morphology with Minimal Decrease in Tissue Viability

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