Jeffrey A. Whitsett Physician Scientist Training Fellowship
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The Molecular & Developmental Biology (MDB) graduate program, allows students to get a PhD at the University of Cincinnati and benefit from both institutions. The program emphasizes translational science, which aims to study and cure human diseases, particularly in children. Take a look at what the training and student life is like in Cincinnati, where the cost of living is low and graduate student stipends are competitive.

Cincinnati Medical Scientist Training Program Overview

Take a tour of the Cincinnati Medical Scientist (MD/PhD) Training Program at the University of Cincinnati. MD/PhD students at the University of Cincinnati typically complete their first two years of medical school and then shift their study to graduate school training. Upon successful completion of a PhD thesis, students then return to medical school and complete their final two years of clinical training.

Apply to the Fellowship

Interested applicants should:

Selected applicants will be invited to an all-expenses-paid-interview with both MSTP and MDB programs and the most competitive applicants will meet with Dr. Whitsett.