Jeffrey A. Whitsett Physician Scientist Training Fellowship
Fellowship Benefits

Fellowship Benefits

The Jeffrey A. Whitsett Fellowship has a number of unique and important benefits that include:

  1. Named prestigious fellowship.
  2. Whitsett fellows meet with Dr Whitsett on a regular basis to receive mentoring, and career advice/ counseling. Dr Whitsett will also write reference letters for fellows when they apply for grants / residency / faculty positions later.
  3. Whitsett fellows will be featured on the Whitsett fellowship website and have a profile page.
  4. Whitsett fellow stipends will be the same as their peers in both the medical school and graduate school years. Current stipend levels can be found on the respective programs’ websites.
  5. Full tuition support for University of Cincinnati medical school and graduate school
  6. Student health insurance

Living in Cincinnati

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