In the News

Welcoming a Familiar Face as Our New COO 

We’re pleased to introduce Evie Alessandrini, MD, MSCE, as our new chief operating officer. She succeeds Steve Davis, MD, who began his duties as president and CEO last November.

Dr. Alessandrini comes to us from UC Health, where she was the executive vice president, chief medical officer and interim chief operations officer. Yet she’s no stranger to Cincinnati Children’s, having first joined the medical center in 2009 as director of the Place Outcomes Research Program and director of the Quality Scholars Program in Healthcare Transformation. In 2011, Dr. Alessandrini rose to assistant vice president of Outcomes Systems within our James M. Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence.

“Evie was clearly the best choice,” Dr. Davis says. “She brings an energy and a passion for making things better—and that inspires the people she works with to excel.” 

“I'm coming back to Cincinnati Children’s because I love designing systems that deliver healthcare that quickly gets the best outcomes, experience and value for kids,” Dr. Alessandrini says. “And when I think of what’s possible—the innovative initiatives and interventions that really capitalize on all the strengths Cincinnati Children’s has, like amazing clinical care, top-notch research programs, great educational programs—it’s like a dream come true to have that opportunity, together with a great team, to build on,” she says.

The Cincinnati Parks Foundation Is Helping All Kids Be Well 

Cincinnati Children’s is dedicated to improving outcomes for the kids and families we serve. That’s why we work with community partners, like the Cincinnati Parks Foundation, to help all children reach their full potential.

The be.well program, guided by our Division of Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy (OT/PT), offers fun, community-based recreation opportunities for kids with chronic or complex medical conditions—like our friend Colton.

Kids like him, who have conditions that limit physical capabilities, sometimes believe they can’t safely participate in certain physical activities. This program helps them learn they can adapt, overcome, push their limits and have fun!

“Colton’s potential is immeasurable,” says his mom Kendra. “And so is the difference that be.well is making in these kids’ lives. The fact that we have this in our own backyard is an amazing blessing.”

Through the program, Colton explores things like martial arts, skiing and rock climbing. Our experts help guide him to adapt activities in a safe space where he can play with friends, try new skills and build confidence. 

“Our partnership with Cincinnati Parks is helping us bring these accessible, outdoor programs to local parks—giving more kids the chance to get involved,” says Jen Angeli, PhD, OT/PT, who leads the program.

Together with the Cincinnati Parks Foundation and generous donors, we can help kids discover that they can do more than they ever thought possible.