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    Cincinnati Children’s is honored to have auxiliary organizations that are dedicated to providing support to help our children and families receive the best possible care.  Essential to the success of Cincinnati Children’s, our auxiliary members have funded new equipment, supported pioneering research, increased community outreach and helped underwrite many programs.

  • Our largest auxiliary, Kindervelt is recognized as one of Greater Cincinnati’s outstanding volunteer organizations. Kindervelt has more than 1,000 members in groups around the region, linked by a citywide board of trustees. Its members “have fun while raising funds” to help the patients of Cincinnati Children’s. Since its inception in 1971, Kindervelt has provided more than $15 million in support of initiatives and programs that affect the lives of thousands of children. Previous gifts have supported programs in critical care, trauma, asthma and adolescent medicine and have provided the foundation for the development of major medical breakthroughs and state-of-the-art care.

    Stop by the Kinderklaus Markt

    Kindervelt’s largest fundraiser is a spectacular two-day family-friendly event called Kinderklaus Markt, which raises more than $150,000 a year.

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    For more information, call 513-636-7700 or visit their website.

    Kindervelt celebration.

    At their annual meeting, Kindervelt members revealed they are donating $502,000 to the Kindervelt Neurodevelopmental & Educational Clinic. It is one of the first programs in the country to provide targeted, individualized care to meet all of a child’s needs and prepare children for their future.  Kindervelt will continue to support this clinic through 2016.

    Our first auxiliary, the Cooperative Society, has served Cincinnati Children’s for 127 years. Since 1979, the Cooperative Society has given more than $3 million to various programs at the medical center, including the Mayerson Center for Safe and Healthy Children. Additionally, members give generously of their time.  They operate an on-site sewing room where dedicated stitchers create children’s clothing, blankets and quilts for beds and cribs, toys for use by the Division of Child Life, soft helmets for patients with neurological disorders and teaching tools used by the nursing staff. They also brighten the medical center by decorating lobbies and public spaces for the holidays.

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    For more information, contact Nancy M. Sorg, president, at nsorg@live.com.

    Established in 1910, the Junior Co-Operative Society operates and staffs two gift shops, located at the main hospital and the Liberty Township Campus. The gift shops are staffed by nearly 50 volunteers who give more than 10,000 hours each year. The volunteers are fond of saying, “The more you shop, the more we give.” All proceeds from the gift shop are donated to the medical center.

    Years of proceeds have enabled the Junior Co-Operative Society to donate more than $5 million to Cincinnati Children’s. Their funds have purchased major medical equipment, provided funding for the Division of Infectious Diseases and established the Junior Co-Operative Society fellowship in pediatric diabetes and the Junior Co-Operative Society fellowship in pediatric infectious diseases.

    Become a Member

    Contact Kathy Cassady, president, at 513-636-4310.


    If you would like to volunteer in the gift shop, contact Anne Sutton at anne.sutton@cchmc.org or 513-636-4310.

    In 1964, the Association of Volunteers was organized to provide a coordinated volunteer force to raise funds and provide tender loving care for the patients of Convalescent Hospital for Children.

    The Convalescent Hospital serves children with chronic conditions requiring long-term hospital care. Convalescent Hospital joined Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in 1973, and today houses four specialized services:

    • Pediatric rehabilitation program
    • Transitional care center
    • Children’s psychiatric unit
    • Adolescent and medical psychiatric services for teens 12 through 18 years of age

    The Association of Volunteers committed $360,000 over three years to purchase a robotic device that helps children regain the use of their legs. Funds raised by the group also support the Aquatic Therapy Program in the Division of Occupational and Physical Therapy at Cincinnati Children’s. In addition, the Association of Volunteers is helping to fund Project SEARCH, providing supportive employment for people with significant disabilities. This innovative program has been replicated across the country and has again brought national recognition for Cincinnati Children’s.

    Antiquing for Children

    To raise funds for the Convalescent Hospital, the association sponsors the Cincinnati Antiques Festival, one of the finest antique shows in the country. 

    Become a Member

    For more information, contact Jeanne Elliott, president, at 513-561-0950, or Marie Huenefeld, board member, at mhuenefeld@aol.com or 513-271-7055.

    Since 1983, the Funny Companie Clowns have been delighting children and adults in our community while raising funds for Cincinnati Children’s. The organization has raised financial support for Cincinnati Children’s through many volunteer performances including birthday parties, company picnics, Sunday brunches, community events and public awareness campaigns for various agencies.

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