The standard protocol can be used with the following vest machines, Hill-Rom model 104 and newer, inCourage by RespirTech, and the Smart Vest.

Setting a Starting Pressure for the Vest

  • If this is your child's first time using the vest, you will need to set up a Starting Pressure.
  • Set the Frequency to 8 Hz and the Pressure* to 6.
  • Press the ON button (or foot pedal).
  • After a minute or two of being on the vest, increase the Pressure to 7.
    • Give your child another minute or so to get used to this setting.
  • Keep increasing the pressure in this fashion until you reach the point where your child no longer feels comfortable, at which time you can back the pressure setting down by one.
    • The maximum pressure setting is 10.
  • Based on your child's comfort level you have now established the Starting Pressure, and are ready to begin treatment.

*Some vest machines will display pressures as a single number, double number, or a percentage (6, 60, or 60 percent).