Video visits are a safe and convenient way to see and speak with a pediatric expert when clinically appropriate to get the medical care your child needs without leaving your home.

Video visits allow you to see and speak with a pediatric expert—right on your smartphone or computer. They work best in a private location with a WiFi connection. Here are some tips to help make your video visit go as smoothly as possible:

  • The day before your visit, your provider or specialty clinic team will email you instructions for your video visit. Make sure to read that email and follow the instructions.
  • In order to do a video visit, you must be at home. If you are on vacation or out of state, we cannot perform your video visit.
  • Find a private, well-lit area to do your video visit. (Bathrooms are a great location.)
  • Your child must be present with a legal guardian for the video visit.
  • Before your appointment, think about how you need to position your child for the provider. If you have a baby or small child, consider using a highchair.
  • When it’s time for your appointment, click the link your email. Make sure to grant permission for your phone or computer to access video and microphone when you do.
  • Having internet issues? Try moving closer to your router.
  • If you have any other issues or questions, call us any time at (513) 803-8353. We’re here to help families get connected.


Do you need further help? Visit the Center for Telehealth's Video Visit Instructions page for detailed instructions, troubleshooting and technical support information.