Patient safety is a top priority at Cincinnati Children’s.  Please help us maintain a safe environment at Cincinnati Children’s by observing our policies:

  • No smoking
  • No open flames
  • No latex balloons; you may bring mylar balloons
  • No concealed weapons
  • In the intensive care units, no flowers, food or drinks in patient rooms
  • All electric items you bring to the hospital, such as your laptop, hair dryer or curling iron, must be checked for electrical safety by our Clinical Engineering department. Your nurse will contact Clinical Engineering for you.

Procedures Overnight (8:30 pm–5:45 am)

  • If you arrive at the hospital after 8:30 pm, enter through Location B. Other doors are locked.
  • Elevators to the patient floors and entrances to inpatient units are locked at 8:30 pm.
  • Security officers at the Welcome Centers control elevator access to the patient floors.
  • When you arrive on the floor, use the courtesy phone to reach the health unit coordinator, who can admit you to the unit.