This is the second-to-last issue of Staff Bulletin as we know it today. After the November issue, this newsletter will complete its transition to a section of the Connect Daily News, which is sent to all Cincinnati Children’s email addresses.

The Staff Bulletin section of Connect debuted in August and appears as needed throughout the week. It contains chunks of need-to-know information that are relevant to the medical staff.

If you have a Cincinnati Children’s email address, you should already be receiving Connect and the Staff Bulletin section. If you have an external email address and would like to receive it, send an email to with your name and email address. Be sure to state that you want to receive Staff Bulletin in Connect.

New digital magazine

In January, we will launch our monthly digital magazine, Inspire. Much like the current Staff Bulletin, this publication will tell in-depth stories about Cincinnati Children’s through the lens of the people who bring our vision and mission to life. The format will be interactive and mobile-friendly, featuring photos and video designed to pull you into the narrative. It will also have a print option if you prefer to save and read it later.

Inspire will be sent to all Cincinnati Children’s email addresses. If you would like to subscribe, send your name and email address to with the word “Inspire” in the subject line.

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