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Staff Bulletin | October 2019

Research Horizons blog debuts


Staying up-to-date on science news from Cincinnati Children’s has become even easier with the recent launch of our Research Horizons blog. This new digital channel will help expand awareness of innovations to improve child health and further build the reputation of our outstanding research faculty.

What does the new blog offer?
The research enterprise here at Cincinnati Children’s is bigger than many people fully grasp, including even fellow scientists and students. This new channel adds to our ability to celebrate the many innovations and discoveries produced by more than 900 research faculty and their lab teams. The blog will offer a constantly growing collection of science news, features, announcements and learning opportunities across more than 20 subject areas.

This digital platform gives us the flexibility to be timely with science news, to go in-depth when appropriate, and to provide easy-to-share information on whatever devices readers prefer. We’re especially excited about our ability to share more science-related video and other visuals. We also think users will appreciate how easily the blog guides them to related content of interest. 

Who writes the articles?
We are encouraging scientists to write posts when they have the time and interest. At first, most posts will be produced by the media team within Marketing & Communications, communicators working in research divisions, and freelancers when needed.

The blog will reflect the writing tone and style that readers have long enjoyed from Research Horizons: smart and clear, strong on context, light on jargon. Our goal is to show visitors, in fresh and varied ways, how investigators here work together and collaborate with colleagues worldwide to improve outcomes for children.

Does the blog replace the printed Research Horizons magazine?
No. The blog will serve as both a digital platform for the magazine’s content and as an exploration beyond what’s possible in print. We have thousands of satisfied, print-only Research Horizons readers, and we look forward to staying connected with them.

How can I follow the blog?
A couple of ways. Readers can sign up directly from the blog to receive regular email updates about new content. People can bookmark the page and check the blog site as often as they like. We also plan to use email, Twitter, LinkedIn and other channels to connect people to our blog.

If you are active on social media, we encourage you to share content when it captures your attention. We want as many science professionals as possible to know about the amazing work happening here in Cincinnati.

How can I submit ideas for future blog posts?
Contact Tim Bonfield at

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