If you are interested in using our techniques and services please email pryocore@cchmc.org.

Instructions for Plate Submission

The Pyrosequencing Core now only accepts samples in full (96 well) or half (48 well) plate format. If you have less than a full or half plate, you will still be charged full price. It is therefore in your best interest to include close to 48 or 96 samples as you can.

For ready-to-run service, the customer is responsible for assay design, primer optimization, and PCR. The customer needs to provide the PCR product, the sequencing primer (10uM), and an agarose gel image of the PCR with 1ul loaded on the gel. In order to get good results from your pyrosequencing run a very clean, clearly visible, and strong band on a gel is needed.

When ordering primers please keep in mind that the appropriate forward or reverse primer needs to be biotin labeled (5' end) and HPLC purified (reverse primer labeling is preferred).

The customer must also provide a clearly labeled document with the name of the sequence, and the sequence of the region of interest with the target region or SNP identified, PCR product, sequencing primers and the dispensation order.