• Our Research Annual Report

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    The achievements detailed in this year’s Research Annual Report illustrate how scientists of the Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation are filling in the future: using their talent to ask and answer the big questions, to envision and create a better world.

  • Recent Research

    Gurjit Khurana Hershey, MD, PhD head shot.

    Bio-marker identified in hard-to-treat asthma patients.

    Why do some asthma patients respond well to corticosteroids while others do not? A new study reveals that VNN-1 gene expression is required for corticosteroids to be effective during an asthma attack. Gurjit Khurana Hershey, MD, PhD and her research team discovered the revealing bio-marker and are using their findings to develop new treatments for hard-to-treat asthma cases. Read more.

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  • Research Horizons Fall 2014

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  • Faculty Awards

  • Physicians in Interventional Radiology were the recipients of the Team Award at the 3rd Annual Faculty Awards.
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