Decision Support Analytics Workgroup
Clinical Deterioration Event Predictive Model

Clinical Deterioration Event Predictive Model


Machine learning project to predict clinical deterioration on a 6 hour prediction horizon.

Image from the Clinical Deterioration Event Predictive Model project.

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Clinical Rationale/Problem Solved

Identify patients at risk for deteriorating so resources can be targeted to prevent deterioration or mitigate illness.

Potential Impact

Could reduce morbidity and mortality from undetected deterioration.

DSAW Investigators

Eric Kirkendall


Patrick Brady (PI), MITRE Corporation


Internal Award


Wellner B, Grand J, Canzone E, Coarr M, Brady PW, Simmons J, Kirkendall E, Dean N, Kleinman M, Sylvester P. Predicting Unplanned Transfers to the Intensive Care Unit: A Machine Learning Approach Leveraging Diverse Clinical Elements. JMIR Med Inform. 2017 Nov 22;5(4):e45.