From Bench to Bedside...

Genomics is revolutionizing research and clinical care. By valuing innovation, advancing discovery, and accelerating translation into clinical care, genomics promises to find the best diagnostic tools, effective treatments, and prevention strategies for all types of diseases. The status quo of the traditional slow, steady path from the basic science lab to the exam room now must make way for the genomic revolution.

As a national leader in research and healthcare for children, Cincinnati Children’s believes in the power of precision medicine. When President Barack Obama announced the Precision Medicine Initiative in September 2015, our researchers were already well on their way, pursuing the potential of precision medicine through genomic research.

Our mission at the Center for Pediatric Genomics (CpG) is to accelerate discovery and advance genomic knowledge. To achieve this, CpG fosters and incubates outstanding and innovative scientific and translational genomic projects. Additionally, we engage and educate our institutional community, as well as the public, to strengthen their understanding about the power and promise of genomics. As a visionary leader in pediatric genomics our ultimate goal is to discover causes and cures – and fast-track that knowledge into clinical care – to benefit children worldwide.

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