Cincinnati Children's is committed to transforming child health with our collaborative culture of discovery, translation, and learning.

Each year, as an integral part of our mission, CpG invests $1 million in pilot projects within the Cincinnati Children's community to incubate outstanding and innovative scientific and translational genomic projects.

We foster work that will unravel genomic mysteries through various pathways of research, including analyzing DNA variation; examining gene expression and regulation; determining the impact of environmental-gene interactions; and investigating genomic causes of disease. In addition, we use technologies, such as whole genome sequencing (WGS), exome sequencing, single cell RNA sequencing, and chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) to find and understand clues that enhance patient diagnosis and treatment.

These advances in technology and knowledge increase the impact of genomics on healthcare. The field of genomics requires a foundation of big data that will only result from collaboration.

To promote multidisciplinary collaboration, CpG connects researchers with the resources and people to move projects forward. This includes bringing together basic scientists with clinical experts; researchers across departments who are working on similar challenges; and guiding researchers to the technology and specialized expertise needed for their projects. This approach builds teams with the pockets of knowledge needed to assemble the puzzle and solve molecular mysteries.

CpG believes it is critical to value and engage everyone – including our clinical, research, and patient and family communities – in the pursuit of genomic discoveries and their clinical implementation.


Image of researchers collaborating.


Image of researcher in the lab.

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