Center for Pediatric Genomics
Genomics as the Roots of Omic Medicine

Genomics as the Roots of Omic Medicine

Image representing the 'omics' fields of study.

The omics – the fields that explore biological molecules and how they function in an organism – will play a central role in advances in child healthcare in the future. Our research projects span the full discovery continuum, and we continue to expand our expertise in all of the omics (see image), biomedical informatics, and systems biology.

Genomics is at the base of our understanding of omic medicine because mutations at the DNA level can impact the transcriptome, the proteome, the epigenome, the metabolome, and the lipidome (see the image above). To really understand disease risks and etiology, we need to be able to incorporate all of these areas with environmental exposure, including metagenomics. Our ability to coalesce and analyze this data in a meaningful way will result in new understanding that will pave the way for future treatments.

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