Center for Pediatric Genomics
Meet the Faculty

Meet the Faculty

John Hogenesch, PhD

Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

Matthew T. Weirauch, PhD

Member, Center for Autoimmune Genomics and Etiology, Divisions of Human Genetics, Biomedical Informatics, and Developmental Biology

Steering Team

  • Anne Slavotinek, PhD, MBBS, professor, UC Department of Pediatrics
  • Morgan Tracy, MHA, manager, Center for Pediatric Genomics
  • Tracy A. Glauser, MD, co-director, Genetic Pharmacology Service
  • Michelle McGowan, PhD, research associate professor, Ethics Center
  • Melanie Myers, PhD, director, Genetic Counseling Graduate Programs*
  • Laura Ramsey, PhD, assistant professor, Genetic Pharmacology Service*
  • Matthew Weirauch, PhD, assistant professor, Center for Autoimmune Genomics and Etiology*
  • Aaron Zorn, PhD, associate director, Digestive Health Center

*Indicates CpG awardee

We’d like to recognize in memorial our colleague, Hector Wong, who supported many efforts at Cincinnati Children's, but notably the Center for Pediatric Genomics.