Center for Pediatric Genomics

Meet the Faculty

A photo of John Hogenesch.

John Hogenesch, PhD

Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics
A photo of Anne Slavotinek.

Anne Slavotinek, PhD, MBBS

Director, Division of Human Genetics
A photo of Matthew Weirauch.

Matthew T. Weirauch, PhD

Associate Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

Steering Team

  • Anne Slavotinek, PhD, MBBS, professor, UC Department of Pediatrics
  • Morgan Tracy, MHA, manager, Center for Pediatric Genomics
  • Tracy A. Glauser, MD, co-director, Genetic Pharmacology Service
  • Michelle McGowan, PhD, research associate professor, Ethics Center
  • Melanie Myers, PhD, director, Genetic Counseling Graduate Programs*
  • Steve Potter, PhD, professor, Developmental Biology*
  • Laura Ramsey, PhD, assistant professor, Genetic Pharmacology Service*
  • Matthew Weirauch, PhD, assistant professor, Center for Autoimmune Genomics and Etiology*
  • Aaron Zorn, PhD, associate director, Digestive Health Center

*Indicates CpG awardee

We’d like to recognize in memorial our colleague, Hector Wong, who supported many efforts at Cincinnati Children's, but notably the Center for Pediatric Genomics.