2019 July: MDB graduate student Yashaswini is doing her summer research rotation in the laboratory – welcome, Yashaswini!

2019 June: Congratulations to Kate Simpson (Kelli’s former undergraduate mentee in the Stappenbeck lab) on her Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation Student Research Award! It’s going to be a great summer for you, Kate!

2019 May: Our paper on the reproducible activity levels of L-WRN conditioned medium, which we use to culture primary intestinal epithelial cells, is published in Stem Cell Research. This is our response to the call for increased transparency and authentication of key biological resources in experimental science.

2019 April: Kelli travels to the National Institute of Health for the K awardees workshop and learns many tips for grant writing and management. A highlight of the trip was getting to see where PubMed lives!

2019 January: Kiley joins the lab. We are so happy to have her with us!

2018 October: It’s official! The VanDussen lab is open at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center! Time to equip and stock the laboratory for our research projects!