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The long-term goal in the Yin Lab, led by Chunyue Yin, PhD, is to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying liver development, regeneration and disease pathogenesis. Our projects use a combination of genetic, molecular, embryology, biochemical, and cell biological approaches in the zebrafish model to address questions related to liver biology. 

Currently, there are two main focuses in the lab. The first focus is to delineate the regulation of hepatic stellate cells, the key cell type responsible for liver fibrosis, during liver development and injury. The second focus is to understand the cell biology of hepatic biliary cells in the zebrafish models of biliary diseases. 

Human liver.
Human liver.
This video shows a three-dimensional reconstruction of a confocal Z-stack that scan through the liver and pancreas in a 3-day-old zebrafish larvae. This animal expresses Tg(fabp10a:dsRed) in hepatocytes in the liver, Tg(elastase:EGFP) in exocrine cells in the pancreas, and Tg(insulin:dsRed) in beta cells in the pancreas.

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Chunyue Yin, PhD.

Chunyue Yin, PhD 

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